They call you heartless; but you have a heart and I love you for being ashamed to show it.

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra  (via feellng)
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I want to be spoiled but I also feel extremely guilty when people use money on me

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I’m not sure why people dislike receiving drunk texts. you’re the only person they’re thinking of when their brain can’t function properly

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Valid point

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I just want to pour my soul out on someone and not have to worry about the mess I’ve made.

— Andrea Slicker (via psych-facts)
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morning: laziness.

afternoon: dying for a rest.

night: can’t sleep

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everything personal


everything personal

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I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away.

— Vincent Van Gogh, a letter to his brother, Theo.  (via christywilde)



Clear your mind here


Clear your mind here

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